Our Footprint Logos.

Our footprints were designed by Shay Alexi.

Shay Alexi is an interdisciplinary artist and storyteller based in Atlanta, GA. Their full-length poetry collection unbridled was nominated for Georgia Author of the Year, and their writing has been featured in WUSSY magazine and Apogee Lit amongst other journals. Shay holds a BFA in Acting and videos of their performance poetry have garnered over 5 million views. Their graphic design has been featured by publications like The Rumpus and utilized in social media campaigns, logos, and book covers. Shay is earning a master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Agnes Scott College. These intertwined pursuits articulate Shay’s focused curiosities: narrative power, precise language, and the poetics of design. Connect at shayalexi.com or on social media @_shayalexi_

The Bigfoot Poetry Festival’s 2024 Poster.

This year’s festival poster was designed by Jaz Parker.

Hi hi, my name is Jadzia (yes, from Deep Space Nine), but I also go by Jaz Parker. I’m a graphic designer who has worked mostly with non-profits in the Greater Seattle Area. I’m eager to help make a difference through visual communication. My passion work includes topics surrounding mental health and social justice with a focus on Black Queer and Trans people. In my free time I enjoy napping, hand lettering, attending concerts, and caring for my house plants. Check out or purchase my work at these links:

Doug Furr and our First Place Bigfoot Trophies.

The creator of our mascot, Douglas Furr, as well as our 1st Place Giant Bigfoot trophies is Cassandra Eggert.

Cassandra (she/her) is a wife, millennial, #boymom, and the upbeat creative who makes toys and artwork. She loves keeping her hands busy and expressing her creativity. It makes her feel fulfilled and purposeful! She started Calou (kah-loo) Shop shortly after becoming a mom as a way to reclaim this creative part of herself. As Calou Shop and her talents have evolved, she’s started to identify as both a toy maker and an illustrator. Check out her web-site to browse her work, as well as see her statement on her commitment to social justice, anti-racism, and eco-consciousness.

Past Bigfoot Poetry Festival Posters

Contact the Bigfoot Regional team at:  bigfootregional@gmail.com

Bigfoot’s whereabouts are a mystery, but the Bigfoot Regional can be spotted on Instagram and Facebook.

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